Sakan Bistro



The mental state of serenity and tranquility

Immerse your taste buds in our palatable and aromatic dishes to find yourself in the beautiful state of Sakan

Sakan brings great coffee and a delicious breakfast and lunch menu to Warrington town. We are open in the mornings for bunch, till late for great tapas dining.

Come try our delicious selection of unique dishes and enjoy a relaxing and laid back approach to dining.

13 Sankey St, Warrington WA1 1XG

Opening Times

Monday - Sunday

9am - 7pm

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Sakan Bistro invites you to a serene coffee experience. Our globally sourced, meticulously brewed coffee offers not just a tantalizing flavor but also a moment of tranquility, allowing you to escape the hustle and bustle with each sip.


Dive into tranquility with our brunch and tapas menu at Sakan Bistro. Impeccably crafted with fresh ingredients, every dish serves not only a feast to the palate but also a calming retreat, encapsulating the essence of 'Sakan' - a peaceful brunch experience.


Our drink selection at Sakan Bistro is a journey towards peace. From refined wines and craft beers to innovative cocktails, each sip is a harmonious blend of flavors that mirrors the tranquility of 'Sakan', making every drink a tranquil adventure.